It’s been so long since I’ve written, I’m sure there are fluffy little cyber-cobwebs lurking behind my page. If they are anything like my house, they show up magically, in the night, building elaborate little wisps of feathery, clingy strings, daring us to touch them. Like a “wet paint” sign, they dare us to come close and just, just, ever so gingerly, gently, reach out and test whether or not they’re actually there.  Then you end up doing a little shake and shimmy when you find they are stuck like a super-magnet, to your finger, your pants, your coat and may heaven forbid… your face!!! AAAAAHHH!

I wish I didn’t have evidence to prove that cobwebs exist. I find them in places that are sealed shut and have no logical way to allow their existence. Yet, there they are, with their whitish-grey intricate little knittings connected to some small crevice, of a place that looks completely crevice-less.

For Halloween, I don’t do the heinous, human body part, bloody, dead/undead thing.  I keep it simple, and safe for kids. I do pumpkins. and I do cobwebs.  The fake kind of cobwebs, although I have mixed my (alert: pun inserted here…) “mediums”, when wrapping the webs around my posts or the greens outside.  An occasional “webmaster” has already started the weaving process and allows me to unite my efforts with her live ones.

It is quite the show for my neighbours.  One in particular, runs a daycare directly across the street.  They also had two yellow Labrador Retrievers.  Children and Retrievers have taken to sitting in the bay window, curious of the outside comings and goings of our mostly-quiet, little street.  The faces of kids and dogs pressed against the window, watching for street activity, cars, the weather, and of course, the crazy middle-aged lady dancing around like her clothes are on fire!

shallow focus photography of a spiderweb with raindrops

Photo by NastyaSensei on

Ah, cobwebs. They paradoxically, symbolize industry and inactivity. They illustrate the busyness of one little creature and the inactivity of another. Even while we ponder, point, think and repose, the world goes on. But we are more like a cobweb than we think.  We need to be busy – to have purpose. But, we also must find time for rest, for pause, for “Sabbath”.

Technology has made it possible for mountains of information to pass from one person to the next in nano-seconds. Untold millions of ideas and stimuli going out of our little pieces of techno-wizardry (catch the Halloween pun?) each moment, of every single day.  It’s enough to make our brains need a rewiring! I’m learning that efficiency, diligence and work is good but embracing the “pause button”, keeps us connected even in the seemingly crevice-less places.

I guess every cobweb has its’ day.

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