Just ordinary


I realized the other day why I have procrastinated at adding another post: I’m not that interesting. Yup, just an ordinary girl, with a regular, simple life. I don’t live in a big city. I don’t know lots of “in” people. I definitely don’t have a wealth of knowledge that the world is craving for. So why would I even attempt to write a “blog”?

Well, I guess – as uninteresting as my life may seem to some – I do like to stay involved, aware and alert to the culture and people in my world. This doesn’t mean that I condone or champion their opinions or causes, but it does mean that I care about their unique perspective, personalities and experiences.

For instance – I have a dear friend who has one green eye and one blue eye. She’s stunningly beautiful even at an age when people judge you by the number of years you’ve lived – she’s a head-turner for many a male species. But – she’s also smart, incredibly creative (her ability to decorate and choose colours is beyond most designers), and she’s a woman who has endured horrific life experiences, walked through spiritual, emotional and physical challenges… and yet retains a grace and dignity that others would envy. Now there’s an interesting lady!

Except, my friend would tell you that she doesn’t think she’s all that extraordinary either.

I however, “beg to differ”. When I think of the people throughout my life, the stories, experiences, tragedies overcome, graces developed, creative projects, the loves, the joys… I’m so grateful. I get to know, love, listen and learn from these “Wonders of Creation”.

I think that’s one of the most gratifying things about being a Pastor. People.  God loves them, and he put a love in my heart for them too.

I met with a Pastor/evangelist/trucker/Ministry leader (interesting person alert!) a couple of days ago.  His life experiences are so varied and he’s so great at story-telling, that as he related an experience he had sharing his faith, I could have spent several hours listening to him.

And you – there’s a good chance you and I know each other.  I’m grateful to in some way discovered the unique “you”.  Maybe together we’ll be thankful, laugh, remember and share some of the ways God made you so interesting!

So, I think I’ll tell you more in the future, about the courageous, phenomenal, one-of-a-kind people that make up my life – and how they make it, well,  – not ordinary!